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American Eagle powers curbside pickup and in-store experiences

With location-enabled functionality powered by Radar, American Eagle is now able to accelerate time to value, promote safety, improve store operations, and increase customer satisfaction.
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2.5 months

from development to production


locations with curbside pickup

The challenge

When it was time for American Eagle to reopen their stores after the initial pandemic shutdown, they needed to be able to promote safe and convenient practices for customers who wanted to shop in their stores, and a way to offer a seamless pickup experience for users who wanted to pick up items with minimal contact.

American Eagle quickly launched curbside and in-store pickup ordering options as part of their store reopening strategy. Customers could place an order online, receive an email when the order is ready, and either pick up the order in-store, or call the location to have the order delivered to their car.

This solution fell short of American Eagle’s standards for customer experience due to a number of operational challenges.

  1. Customers had difficulty finding the curbside pickup locations and frequently relied on store associates to provide parking directions and pickup instructions
  2. As call volume increased, customers experienced much longer hold times
  3. Without insight into the pickup customer’s ETA, store associates were not able to prioritize other tasks effectively
  4. Store associates struggled to locate customers in parking lots using only the customer’s initial description of their parked location - a challenge exacerbated for American Eagle, as many of their locations are in malls and shopping centers.

They quickly realized they needed to find a more efficient way for their store associates to fulfill curbside pickup orders and promote safety for customers who chose to come into the store, and they needed to solve this problem fast.

The solution

Radar was able to provide American Eagle a solution with everything they needed in one platform: 1) flexible geofencing to power an in-store app mode for customers 2) trip tracking for curbside and order-ahead to notify staff when customers are on their way. Rather than cobble together building blocks from multiple vendors, American Eagle was able to solve their customer experience deliverables with one partner.

With Radar’s turnkey trip tracking dashboard installed on in-store iPads and iPod touch devices, associates can see live ETAs throughout a customer’s trip. American Eagle customers simply designate when they’re on their way to begin a trip. Radar takes over from there, notifying associates when customers are on their way, then again when the customer arrives. Now, associates can fit in tasks before heading to the parking lot to handoff an order, and customers no longer have to wait on hold attempting to contact the store upon arrival.

Additionally, customer wait times are shorter in the store, protecting customers from having to form long lines. With Radar’s geofencing technology, American Eagle added a self checkout feature, enabling customers to resume in-store shopping in a safe and convenient way. Radar determines when a customer is inside a store geofence, triggering an American Eagle push notification powered by Airship to let shoppers know a self-checkout feature is available. Opening the app within the store loads this mode automatically, increasing discoverability for a feature that improves safety and customer satisfaction. Customers can use their own device to scan products and check out and pay without exchanging cash or cards.

After kicking off this project with Radar in September, American Eagle had development completed by their target deadline in November, which never could have been possible with an internal solution or stitching together multiple vendors.

With location-enabled functionality powered by Radar, American Eagle is now able to accelerate time to value, promote safety, improve store operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

We wanted to make the American Eagle shopping experience even more convenient this holiday season, so we set out to build best-in-class in-store and curbside functionality. We needed a geofencing partner that could power both experiences, and Radar was the obvious choice given their privacy and developer-first approach.
Susan Eshleman, VP of Product and Project Management

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