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Learn why leading restaurant brands use Radar for seamless pickup experiences and on-premise messaging.

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Increase loyalty and reduce customer wait times by 20%
One location platform
Use Radar across multiple location use cases.
Integrates seamlessly
Easily integrate with the rest of your stack.
Leading accuracy
The most accurate on-prem and arrival detection solution.
Use cases
Seamless pickup experiences
Reduce wait times and improve staff efficiency with live ETAs, arrival detection, and order firing for pickup and drive-thru.
On-premise messaging
Drive digital engagement by unlocking offers, loyalty features, or payment features on-premise.
Store locator
Power your store locator with geocoding, search, and distance APIs at a fraction of the cost of your existing provider.

“Radar’s easily adoptable platform allowed us to get up and running quickly. We’re thrilled to work with a trusted partner that shares the same guest-first values that are core to our philosophy.”

George Hanson
Chief Digital Officer

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