Privacy, security, and compliance

Setting the standard for location data privacy and security

Learn how Radar protects location data privacy, secures data, and helps customers maintain compliance.

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Our secure platform, your secure data
We protect your data with enterprise-grade security so your data stays exactly that — yours. From our founding, we’ve been committed to leading the industry in privacy, security, and compliance. With access controls and data governance management, you remain in control. Your data security is our priority: Radar does not sell data or share it across customers.
SOC 2 Type II
GDPR and CCPA compliance
Radar as a data processor provides tools for our customers to comply with laws such as GDPR and CCPA.
Data retention
Enterprise customers can set custom data retention policies to ensure data is stored only as long as necessary.
SOC 2 Type II
Radar security practices are audited and attested to in our SOC 2 Type II compliance report.
EU data center
EU operators can use Radar’s EU data center to comply with data residency requirements.
Data security
Two-factor authentication
Protect the security of your Radar account and data with two-factor authentication via app or SMS.
Audit logs
Gain visibility into when data was accessed and settings changes with audit logs.
Enterprise customers can easily and securely manage access with single sign-on via Auth0.
Encryption at rest and in transit
Data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 bit encryption and in transit using TLS 1.2. Radar is routinely audited and encryption keys are rotated regularly.
Data privacy
Data collection
Location data is only collected via Radar’s mobile SDKs if an end user opts into location permissions.
Advanced access controls
Customize which projects and data employees can access based on role.
Personally identifiable information (PII)
By default, Radar does not collect PII like names or email addresses.
Location infrastructure, not ad tech
Radar does not sell any data we collect, and we do not share location data across customers.
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We are committed to data privacy and do not sell data.

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