An easier way to build location experiences that meet your customers where they are
High-quality places data for millions of locations
Tap into Radar’s Places dataset for nearly 100% coverage of top chains and place categories with Radar’s nearby places search API.
Accurate entry and exit events
Detect entry and exit events down to 5 meters for places, chains, and categories even if you haven’t created a geofence for that specific place.
Fastest time-to-value
Get implemented and deploy location experiences faster with Radar’s time-saving features that map your geofences to places in our POI dataset.
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Develop local experiences worldwide
Radar’s built-to-scale APIs handle over 100 billion API calls globally. Developers trust Radar’s open source SDKs to build location-based experiences across millions of known chains, categories, and regions.
Precise POI data meets a full-stack location solution
Choose place chains or categories
Configure place detection by chain name or category type.
Integrate the SDK
Integrate the iOS, Android, or web SDK to start tracking devices and generating events.
Take action with integrations
Trigger messages, offers, on-premise modes, or nearby search with seamless integrations.
events per year
installed devices
g2 crowd
Automatically link your locations to our comprehensive Places dataset
POI geofence management is now even easier with Radar’s place matching feature. Import circular geofences and Radar will automatically create accurate polygon geofences that stay up-to-date over time.
Radar place matching screenshot
user.entered_place user.exited_placeuser.entered_region_state
user.exited_region_state user.entered_region_countryuser.exited_region_country
Events to integrations
Forward location events and user context
Enrich behavioral events with location context
Location-based order firing and management
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Stream both events and locations to AWS
Forward location events and user context
Enterprise-grade privacy and security
SOC 2 Type II certified
GDPR and CCPA compliant
Custom data retention controls
Encryption at rest and in transit
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on with Auth0
Audit logs
Role-based access controls

“Places provides us with an accurate understanding of all of our 100,000+ partner locations and cut our overhead to zero to gather and maintain this information.”

John Egan
Product Manager
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