Simple, affordable pricing

What's included
100K calls free
Global coverage
Sub-10ms p50 responses
99.99% API uptime
Adjustable rate limits
Flexible usage
Open-source SDKs
Bring your own POIs
Implementation support

Cut your Google Maps or Mapbox bill in half

Cut costs, not corners. Radar is free up to 100,000 requests per month and only $0.50 for every 1,000 calls after that, with volume discounts available.
Global coverage
Radar incorporates open and commercial datasets for maximum coverage at an affordable price.
Our enterprise-ready platform handles over 100 billion API calls per year from over 100 million devices.
Flexible usage
Radar allows for flexible usage and data caching to fit your architecture.
Four nines uptime
Our uptime averages over 99.99% for mission-critical applications. See for yourself on our status page.

Geocoding APIs

Geocoding APIs including forward geocoding API, reverse geocoding API, and IP geocoding API

  • GET /geocode/forward
  • GET /geocode/reverse
  • GET /geocode/ip

Search APIs

Search APIs including address autocomplete API, address validation API, and places search API

  • GET /search/autocomplete
  • GET /search/places
  • GET /search/geofences
  • GET /addresses/validate

Routing APIs

Routing APIs including distance API, matrix API, route matching API, route optimization API, and directions API

  • GET /route/distance
  • GET /route/matrix
  • GET /route/match
  • GET /route/optimize
  • GET /route/directions

Radar’s geolocation services are phenomenal. We found that Radar provides the same accuracy as other products on the market at a fraction of the cost. Radar’s APIs are simple to use and easy to integrate, which saved us time and allowed us to dedicate resources to other projects.

Nick Lloyd
Senior Director of Software Engineering, Route
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