The all-in-one location platform for travel

Leading travel apps use Radar for on-trip experiences, privacy-first attribution, and cost-effective places search.

One location platform
Use Radar across multiple location use cases.
Integrates seamlessly
Easily integrate with the rest of your stack.
Leading accuracy
Accurately detect place visits, even in dense areas.
Radar powers impactful experiences
across the customer journey
On-trip app experiences
Drive app engagement and retention with on-trip messaging and location-aware app experiences.
Privacy-first attribution
Measure and attribute place visits in a privacy-conscious way with first-party location data.
Nearby search and discovery
Power search features with geocoding, search, and distance APIs at a fraction of the cost of your existing provider.

“Radar’s service helps us to improve the open rate of our geofencing notifications and also to better understand the geography of our users. The Radar team is an excellent partner, collaborating with us to develop impactful experiences.”

Adi Alimin
VP of Platform Products

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