Better location experiences start with better location infrastructure
Precision accuracy
Track geofence entry and exit events through event integrations, or via webhooks, with best-in-class accuracy down to 5 meters.
Easier geofence management
Radar’s dashboard makes geofence management simple with support for unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, beacon detection, and automatic POI or region detection.
Powerful debugging
Run a field test with the Radar Toolkit apps for iOS and Android or start in-browser testing using Radar Simulator.
Build with confidence using Radar’s battle-tested SDKs and APIs
Radar’s APIs are built for scale, handling over 100 billion API calls per year. Manage your SDK tracking controls and geofences from the Radar dashboard so you can keep shipping without new app store releases.
Radar.initialize(publishableKey: "prj_test_pk_...")

Radar.trackOnce { (status, location, events, user) in
    let isInStore = user?.geofences?.contains { $0.tag == "store" }
    if isInStore {

let trackingOptions = RadarTrackingOptions.presetResponsive
trackingOptions.desiredAccuracy = .high
Radar.startTracking(trackingOptions: trackingOptions)
Go beyond native iOS and Android geofencing
Configure geofences
Import existing geofences, draw new geofences, or enable place detection
Integrate the SDK
Integrate the iOS, Android, or web SDK to start tracking devices and generating events.
Take action with integrations
Send events and user context anywhere with webhooks and turnkey integrations.
events per year
installed devices
G2 crowd
Analyze and debug every location and event
Visualize every geofence event with Radar’s dashboard and group and filter your data with our visual SQL query builder. With Radar’s debugger, build with confidence by diving into full location replays and log events.
Geofencing debugger screenshot
user.entered_geofence user.exited_geofenceuser.entered_place
user.exited_place user.entered_region_dmauser.exited_region_dma
Events to integrations
Forward location events and user context
Enrich behavioral events with location context
Location-based order firing and management
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Stream both events and locations to AWS
Forward location events and user context
Enterprise-grade privacy and security
SOC 2 Type II certified
GDPR and CCPA compliant
Custom data retention controls
Encryption at rest and in transit
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on with Auth0
Audit logs
Role-based access controls

“Integrating the Radar SDK was quick and easy and has proven to be a robust and reliable location tracking solution for our iOS and Android apps.”

Scott Lemke, Ibotta
Distinguished Engineer
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