Location infrastructure for logistics

Leading logistics startups use Radar for trip tracking, live ETAs, arrival detection, geocoding, routing, and more.

One location platform
Use Radar across multiple location use cases.
Integrates seamlessly
Easily integrate with the rest of your stack.
Leading accuracy
Confidently deploy Radar for mission-critical use cases.
Radar increases efficiency and visibility
across your operations
Delivery and fleet tracking
Improve operational efficiency with trip tracking and routing for workers and vehicles in the field.
Live ETAs and arrival detection
Improve the consumer-facing delivery or pickup app experience with live location, live ETAs, and arrival detection.
Location verification and fraud detection
Verify worker or vehicle location with geofencing, region detection, and spoofing detection.

“We needed infrastructure to estimate worker ETAs and no-shows using location. Radar was clearly the best partner, with the best product and docs.”

Jaron Malcom
Group Product Manager

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