Radar gives you
location superpowers
Location verification and fraud detection
Detect location spoofing, proxy and VPN usage, device tampering, screen sharing, and much more.
Country and state detection
Accurate jurisdictional polygons to detect device country and state for geolocation compliance.
More than just geo-compliance
Part of the leading geofencing platform. Drive app engagement with on-property messaging and right-place, right-time location-aware app experiences.
Fraud experience
Built for developers
Technical teams love Radar. We obsess over location accuracy, battery efficiency, and reliability so you don’t have to. Our GLI-audited SDKs and flexible APIs process over 100 billion API calls per year from over 100 million devices.
1Radar.trackVerified { (status, location, events, user) in
2  if user?.fraud?.passed == true &&
3    user?.country?.passed == true &&
4    user?.state?.passed == true {
5    // allow access to feature
6  } else {
7    // deny access to feature, show error message
8  }
Integrate with just
a few lines of code
Configure Radar fraud
Configure fraud checks
Enable fraud checks and specific countries and states. Optionally, create custom geofences.
Integrate Radar fraud with SDK
Integrate the SDK
Integrate the iOS, Android, or web SDK to start tracking locations and generating events.
Take action on Radar fraud events
Allow or deny access
Based on fraud flags and current country or state, allow or deny access to specific features.
API calls per year
installed devices
API uptime
Powerful back office dashboards for reporting and compliance
Add fraud detection to your apps with confidence. Visualize and debug every location update and geofence event with Radar’s dashboard.
Fraud dashboard
user.spoofed_locationuser.entered_geofence user.exited_geofence
user.entered_region_country user.entered_region_stateuser.entered_beacon
Turnkey integrations for marketing,
data, and operations teams
Forward location events and user context
Enrich behavioral events with location context
Stream both events and locations to webhooks
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Stream both events and locations to AWS
Forward location events and user context
Enterprise-grade privacy and security
SOC 2 type II-certified
GDPR- and CCPA-compliant
Custom data retention controls
Encryption at rest and in transit
Two-factor authentication
Audit logs
Role-based access controls
GDPR badge
CCPA badge
SOC2 badge

“We’re really happy we chose Radar as our geofencing provider at Sleeper. The integration with the rest of our tech stack was a breeze, well-documented and easy to follow.”

Ken Wang

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