The fastest way to start tracking trips
Live trip tracking, ETAs, and arrival detection
From order pickups to logistics, Radar helps ensure your trips remain on track with live location updates, ETAs, and arrival notifications.
Preserves battery life
Radar’s SDKs balance battery life with update frequency, and server-side tracking controls allow you to adjust how the SDK works without doing a new app deploy.
Analytics and custom querying
With a powerful querying experience, Radar helps you visualize wait time and average trip duration metrics to understand all locations, events, and trips.
Trips app experience
A little code does a lot
Radar’s APIs are built for scale, handling over 100 billion API calls per year. Manage your SDK tracking controls and geofences from the Radar dashboard so you can keep shipping without new app store releases.
let tripOptions = RadarTripOptions(
  externalId: "299",
  destinationGeofenceTag: "store",
  destinationGeofenceExternalId: "123"
tripOptions.mode = .car
tripOptions.metadata = [
  "Customer Name": "Jacob Pena",
  "Car Model": "Green Honda Civic"
Radar.startTrip(options: tripOptions)
Radar.startTracking(trackingOptions: .presetContinuous)
Your big idea built on our powerful trip tracking APIs
Configure geofences
Create custom geofences via the dashboard, API, CSV, or enable place detection.
Integrate the SDK
Integrate the iOS, Android, or web SDK to start tracking trips and generating events.
Take action with integrations
Trigger approaching and arrival events to downstream platforms and in-store systems.
events per year
installed devices
G2 crowd
Powerful APIs for developers, practical dashboards for operators
Integrate with existing tools or dashboards using Radar’s APIs or out-of-the-box trip tracking app. Make data-driven decisions with insights into average wait time, trip time, and trips per destination.
Trip tracking mobile tablet
Trip tracking mobile phone
user.started_trip user.updated_trip user.stopped_trip
user.arrived_at_trip_destination user.approaching_trip_destination
Events to integrations
Forward location events and user context
Enrich behavioral events with location context
Location-based order firing and management
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Send location-triggered and targeted messages
Stream both events and locations to AWS
Forward location events and user context
Enterprise-grade privacy and security
SOC 2 Type II certified
GDPR and CCPA compliant
Custom data retention controls
Encryption at rest and in transit
Two-factor authentication
Single sign-on with Auth0
Audit logs
Role-based access controls

“We needed a geofencing partner that could power best-in-class in-store and pickup functionality. Radar was the obvious choice given their privacy- and developer-first approach.”

Susan Eshleman
VP of Product Management
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