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Plein Air and Bojangles switch to Radar to cut maps costs while improving the guest experience

Plein Air, a digital agency for restaurants, switched from Google to Radar Maps Platform to power store locator experiences for Bojangles and other brands, significantly reducing maps and geocoding costs while improving the guest experience.

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The company

Plein Air is a marketing and technology consultancy purpose-built for restaurant brands. With deep roots in the restaurant industry, Plein Air works collaboratively with clients to deliver best-in-class guest experiences.

Founded in 1977 in Charlotte, NC, Bojangles is a restaurant chain specializing in craveable Southern food made by hand from real recipes. With over 800 locations in the US, Bojangles is leading an exciting digital transformation to become a southern powerhouse brand. Bojangles partnered with Plein Air to lead their digital work to better meet the needs of their customers and store operations.

The challenge

Google Maps Platform is a powerful mapping and geocoding solution. However, for use cases like store locators, it is often overkill — and overpriced.

Plein Air began looking for alternative mapping solutions that were more cost-effective and that also supported location use cases beyond mapping, like order ahead arrival detection, on-premise app experiences, and location-based marketing.

The solution

Radar — with geofencing, geocoding, and maps all in a single cost-effective platform — was the obvious choice.

Radar's Maps Platform provided beautiful vector base maps and a full suite of enterprise-ready geocoding, search, and routing APIs.

And Radar's industry-leading Geofencing Platform — including Trips, Geofencing, and turnkey integrations with platforms like Olo, Punchh, Braze, and mParticle — provided a developer-friendly, privacy-first solution for on-premise app experiences, location-based marketing, order ahead arrival detection, and more.

The results

By integrating Radar into their platform and migrating Bojangles' store locator from Google to Radar, Plein Air was able to reduce maps costs by 60% and improve the Bojangles guest experience.

Bojangles store locator

With developer-friendly documentation and UI kits, Plein Air was able to complete the initial migration in just a few weeks. They plan to roll out Radar-powered store locators to 20 more brands in the next year.

Beyond maps, Radar's Geofencing Platform provides a scalable solution for Plein Air's clients to launch order ahead arrival detection, on-premise app experiences, and much more over the coming years.

From creating meaningful location experiences for our guests and our restaurants to saving almost 60% in cost, Radar’s new Maps Platform will be a game changer for the industry. With this latest platform release, Radar has solidified their position as the premier all-in-one location platform.

Sergio Pérez
Senior Director of Omnichannel, Bojangles

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