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RetailMeNot powers contextual messaging and footfall attribution

RetailMeNot uses Radar to improve relevance by surfacing contextual messages and content at the right place and time, driving a 19% uplift in visits to their retail partners.

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The challenge

RetailMeNot is a leading savings destination that influences purchase decisions through the power of savings. In pursuit of its mission to help people save money and live life more affordably every day, RetailMeNot needed an accurate location solution to help consumers find nearby deals from the places they love, giving users savings when they need them most.

The solution

Radar met the needs of the RetailMeNot CRM and mobile product teams by providing an extensible geofencing solution that seamlessly integrates into their growth stack.

RetailMeNot leverages Radar's Search API, Places, and integrations to:

  • Increase offer relevancy and app engagement by highlighting offers near a user's current location
  • Drive incremental visits to retail partners by identifying nearby users and reminding them of current in-store offers via push notification
  • Attribute retail partner visits to RetailMeNot campaigns

The results

Radar offered the accuracy, relationship, and innovation RetailMeNot was looking for in a location solution. With Radar's contextual messages, RetailMeNot drove a 19% uplift in store entry events.

Radar's support and guidance allows RetailMeNot to focus on what is most important: delivering value to their users and partners.

Ensuring the relevancy of content is a core challenge for our business. One way to improve relevance is to increase our contextual awareness relative to the user. Knowing when and where a user is in their journey is paramount to our success. Radar enables us to achieve this by providing accurate data and flexible integrations where we can reach the user in real time, when their location matters most.

Kyle Albright
Senior Group Product Manager

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