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T-Mobile Tuesdays powers location-targeted offers and reporting

Radar's flexible Geofencing solutions allow T-Mobile Tuesdays to customize offers by region, increasing offer relevancy and customer happiness.

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The challenge

Every Tuesday, T-Mobile gives away free stuff, great deals, and exclusive offers as a way to thank their customers. Customers can open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app every week, score exclusive offers and experiences, and redeem those offers from brand websites or in-store. The program has won over 50 awards and saved customers over $1B. Constantly listening to customer feedback is part of what makes the program great.

The biggest feedback from customers were complaints that offers were not available in their area. Before Radar, T-Mobile could only do geo-targeting manually, leading to an error-prone process and irrelevant offer curation.

T-Mobile saw these pain points as opportunities to create engaging, relevant experiences, so they sought out a solution for geo-targeting. Their goal was to use location targeting to increase offer relevancy, leading to higher app engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention.

The solution

T-Mobile chose Radar as a location partner due to Radar’s best-in-class support and flexible and privacy-first solution for contextual app experiences. T-Mobile customers can now access local bonus deals in the Tuesdays app once they grant location permissions, and T-Mobile worked closely with Radar to create a clear and compelling path for customers to unlock the value of these location-based offers.

With Radar’s flexible Geofencing solutions, T-Mobile Tuesdays can customize the “nearby region” based on an individual offer. By configuring offers to a specific Region, T-Mobile ensures their partners like Steak 'n Shake and Jamba Juice provide end users the most relevant experience.

Above all, T-Mobile was looking for a partner that could continue to help them grow and continue to meet customer needs. The extensibility of Radar’s platform allows the team to rapidly roll out additional features for the program and expand upon location-based features in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.

Want to hear more about how Aldo led the implementation of Radar to power geo-targeted offer experiences in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app? Watch the full Mobile On Air session.

Our goal was to find that sweet spot at the intersection of customer experiences, tech feasibility, and protecting our customers' privacy.

Aldo Tedjomoeljono
Product Manager

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