Introducing Regions, our newest context type

With Regions, Radar can now detect a user's country, state, DMA, and postal code out of the box.

This was one of our most frequently requested features, and we're excited to release it today.

Regions is our fourth context type, alongside Geofences, Places, and Insights.

Together, Radar context types can be used to build amazing location-based app experiences. For example:

  • Travel & transportation apps can use country detection (Regions) with traveling detection (Insights) to build localized on-trip experiences.
  • Shopping & retail apps can use postal code detection (Regions) with nearby chain detection (Places) to target region-specific offers.
  • Entertainment & sports apps can use DMA detection (Regions) with home detection (Insights) to suggest events based on a user's home media market.
  • Food & dining apps can use state detection (Regions) with Geofences to build region-specific in-store experiences.

Regions provides the following user context:

  country: {
    code: "US",
    name: "United States"
  state: {
    code: "MD",
    name: "Maryland"
  dma: {
    code: "26",
    name: "Baltimore"
  postalCode: {
    code: "21014"

Regions also provides the following events:

  • user.entered_region_country
  • user.exited_region_country
  • user.entered_region_state
  • user.exited_region_state
  • user.entered_region_dma
  • user.exited_region_dma

Country, state, DMA, and postal code are also added to non-region events, like user.entered_geofence and user.entered_place, and all user context and events can be sent to integrations like Segment, mParticle, Braze, Airship, and Amplitude to power region-based messaging or audiences.

Regions can also be used to whitelist or blacklist location updates in specific countries for privacy or compliance reasons.

In the dashboard, you can visualize events:

You can also apply filters to build region-based user segments:

Already an Enterprise customer? Contact your customer success manager to get started with Regions.

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