VentureFizz interview: Sales at Radar with Ryan Gates

A few weeks ago, we shared an article about our CEO and Co-Founder Nick’s interview with VentureFizz. We’re back today with another VentureFizz interview, this time with Radar’s VP of Sales, Ryan Gates.

Since joining Radar in January 2022, Ryan has been hard at work growing our sales team. As Radar continues to expand our partner ecosystem – with recent exciting announcements around our Olo and Hathway partnerships – we're also growing the list of leading retail, restaurant, travel, and logistics brands using location to drive outstanding experiences and increase operational efficiency.

In the interview, Ryan explains how brands are using Radar to deliver contextualized experiences for consumers. We often work with Marketing and Operations teams at restaurants and retail businesses to drive location-aware experiences, location-based marketing, and seamless order-ahead and pickup experiences for customers. Many logistics brands have also adopted Radar to power workforce operations and fleet tracking.

He also talks about Radar’s rapid growth, our open sales positions, and how the sales process works.

Additionally, Ryan shares insights into Radar’s culture and how we’ve managed to stay connected while having a hybrid workforce. As we continue to grow, we’re seeking creative, driven individuals to join our team who are excited about location infrastructure and its implications for every use case.

Watch the video below to learn more about Radar, our sales team, and the interview process.

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