Radar and Hathway partner to power best-in-class pickup experiences for QSR and C-store brands

This blog is a guest post from Matt Carinio, VP of Strategy at Hathway + Bounteous, a member of our Solutions Partner Program.

The past two years have dramatically changed the way that all brands, across industries, leverage app-based experiences to engage with their customers. Now more than ever, it's critical for companies to meet their customers wherever they are. This is particularly true for restaurants, where demand across consumer fulfillment points like curbside pick-up, order ahead, and delivery has skyrocketed.

Radar x Hathway + Bounteous

As VP of Strategy at Hathway + Bounteous following Hathway’s recent acquisition by Bounteous, I’ve personally seen demand increase for NomNom, our solution for restaurant brands who need a mobile app. NomNom was built to help brands, and their development teams, accelerate their time to market by not having to reinvent the wheel for core app features. In doing so, NomNom has enabled restaurants to improve customer loyalty by getting orders to customers more quickly and accurately. Today, our technology accelerator fuels more than 160M digital transactions per year across 13K+ restaurant and C-store locations.

The next frontier for innovation in customer experience is location. Location is essential to meeting customers where they are and providing a seamless end-to-end experience. This is table stakes for driving loyalty and ROI.

This works best when restaurants offer real value to their customers like shorter wait times, seamless hand-offs at curbside, and the freshest food possible. Of course, this entire process is contingent on having enterprise-ready location technology, which is now possible with our turnkey integration with Radar. 9 brands including Peet’s Coffee and CKE Restaurants are already leveraging this integration to deliver superior customer experiences.

Peet's Coffee leverages the Radar and NomNom integration to power location-based experiences.

With Radar, QSR brands can quickly activate features like curbside pick-up with arrival detection, on-prem app experiences, and location-based marketing. As new methods of order fulfillment have risen in popularity, new challenges have arisen for kitchen staff, such as not being able to know when a customer is scheduled to arrive. When restaurant brands use Radar’s trip tracking dashboard, customers receive their food faster, fresher—and in the process, restaurant brands are finding new ways to deepen customer loyalty.

The integration with Radar will have a positive impact on every QSR that leverages NomNom. Our current customers represent a diverse set of experiences and regardless of what your product or development team looks or where you are in your digital transformation journey, NomNom is built to work for you. It’s a highly effective tool right out of the box that solves real business challenges like reducing the development time required to bring an app to market. With NomNom and Radar together, you can improve your ability to meet evolving customer needs and preferences.

If you’re a QSR or C-store brand looking to drive loyalty and ROI by leveraging location, Radar’s integration with NomNom will make your life easier and will elevate the customer experience you’re able to provide.

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