The new Radar mission and the next generation of location-based experiences

We started Radar over four years ago as a developer-first geofencing platform. Today, we're trusted by high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies to grow revenue with location and to build location-based features faster.

2020 has been a year of massive change. Location, and how we interact with the physical world, is more important than ever.

To focus Radar and our customers on the massive opportunity in front of us, we've refreshed our mission and vision: to connect digital experiences to the physical world with a location platform for every app, every device, and every developer.

The most innovative brands are investing in new location use cases, from curbside pickup and delivery for QSRs and retailers to region-based reactivation for travel. Pioneers like Starbucks are integrating the digital and physical with investments in curbside pickup, new store formats, contactless payments, and more.

To solve these use cases, product leaders are choosing solutions that are extensible and developer-friendly:

Use cases

Twilio's acquisition of Segment underscores that the best customer experiences are powered by extensible, developer-first tools and complete, real-time customer data. For brick-and-mortar brands or digital-first brands with transactions tied to physical locations, location data is a critical input.

An extensible location platform is one that connects digital experiences to the physical world across the end user journey:

  • Searching for locations (search and geocoding APIs for store locators and address autocomplete)
  • On the way to a location (trip tracking for curbside pickup or delivery)
  • In a location (geofencing for location-based messaging or in-app experiences)
Use cases

Today, we're launching our new website which reflects our refreshed mission and latest product offerings. As we look towards the future, we couldn't be more excited about helping our customers bridge the digital and physical and unlock the next generation of location-based experiences across the customer journey.

If you're a technology or business leader at a brick-and-mortar or digital-first company and you're interested in learning more about these trends, join us for our second ever Mobile On Air conference on October 21 and 22. We're partnering with other leading platforms and agencies for two days of networking, workshops, and sessions on mobile growth and development.

If you're interested in helping us build the future of location, we're hiring! We were named one of Crain's 100 Best Places to Work in NYC and we're hiring for engineering, product, sales, and sales engineering roles. We'd love to hear from you.