June and July 2022 changelog

Place matching is now generally available for Enterprise customers

Internally-managed POI data can quickly become stale and outdated as locations in the physical world change. To address this, Radar customers can now link their own POI data, such as store addresses, with Radar’s Places database to make sure your geofence coordinates and geometries are accurate and up-to-date over time.

To get started, navigate to the geofences page and select Import. If Places are enabled for your project, opt-in to this feature during import by toggling "Enable place matching" and select chains to match your geofences against. The import process will then match each geofence against Radar's places for those chains.

Place matching in the Radar dashboard

Learn more in our place matching announcement.

Get started quickly with Radar Toolkit

Running a field test with Radar is now easier with updates to onboarding for Radar Toolkit for iOS and Android. With Radar’s Toolkit, you can run real-world tests of geofence events and trips while also adjusting tracking options to fine-tune update frequency and optimize for battery efficiency.

Download Toolkit for iOS or Android to get started.

Dwell geofence events available in beta

Dwell events are triggered when a geofence is occupied for more time than a given time threshold. When user.dwelled_in_geofence is enabled in project settings, dwell time thresholds can be set for individual geofences via import (by adding a dwellThreshold column) or the API. To set dwell time thresholds globally across all geofences, contact your account representative.

Updates to product pages on

We’ve shipped new product pages for geofences, Trips, Places, and our APIs. Explore demos of geocoding, places, routing, and more on our updated API page. In addition, learn more about Radar’s security and privacy commitments on our new trust page.

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Improved postal code coverage in Canada and Puerto Rico for geocoding APIs
  • GET users/:id fixed to return most recently updatedAt user
  • Satellite view is now available for places shown in the Radar dashboard
  • Bulk delete fixed to respect filters for geofences
  • DeviceOS filter on Events and Locations page fixed to reflect OS
  • Query chart views on Events and Locations page updated to bin by minutes rather than seconds in hourly view
  • Fixed the Branch integration when using web SDK to pass all fields
  • Trip debugging logs now available
  • Beacon search and track calls initiated from the API no longer contribute to usage counts in the Radar dashboard
  • View createdAt timestamps for listed trips in the Radar dashboard