Geocoding, search, distance, and SDK v3 now generally available

In February, we announced the private beta of several new APIs, including geocoding, search, and distance. We also announced the public beta of a new open-source SDK v3 that exposes these APIs.

During the beta period, two big things happened. First, SDK v3 was installed on millions of devices. Second, and far more importantly, the COVID-19 pandemic put many of our customers in a difficult financial situation.

Because of this, we've decided to make these building blocks generally available immediately. We've also decided to make them as affordable and flexible as possible.

The new APIs are free up to 100,000 API requests per month with a flexible pricing plan for additional usage. This makes Radar a more affordable option than popular alternatives.


You can use the APIs and SDK to build a wide range of location-based product and service experiences, including curbside pickup and delivery tracking, store locators, address autocomplete, location-based content and notifications, and more. And you can display the API results on any map.

The new APIs include:

  • Forward geocoding, which converts address to coordinates
  • Reverse geocoding, which converts coordinates to address
  • IP geocoding, which converts IP address to city, state, and country
  • Autocomplete, which autocompletes partial addresses and place names, sorted by relevance
  • User search, which searches for users near a location, sorted by distance
  • Geofence search, which searches for geofences near a location, filtered by tag, sorted by distance
  • Place search, which searches for places near a location, filtered by chains, categories, or groups, sorted by distance
  • Distance, which calculates the travel distance and duration between two locations for travel modes including foot, bike, and car
  • Context, which gets context for a location, including current geofences and current place, without sending device or user identifiers to the server

We've built an API playground for you to test the new APIs. Check it out!


To showcase the power of these new building blocks, we'll be publishing a series of recipes over the next few weeks.

To start, we've published a recipe for powering curbside pickup, BOPIS, and delivery with Radar using SDK v3, the distance API, the forward geocoding API, and advanced geofence functionality including isochrone (time-based) geofences and expiring geofences.


You can start calling the new APIs today, free up to 100,000 API requests per month.

If you're new to Radar, sign up to get your API key.

Enterprise customers can ask their customer success manager about volume discounts.

Finally, organizations building apps related to COVID-19 can apply to get 1 year of Radar for free.

Happy coding!

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