December and January 2023 changelog

Dashboard Home

We've redesigned the Dashboard homepage to help new and experienced customers alike access the most important information they need from the start.

If you're new to Radar, head over to the Simulator for the fastest way to get started generating events, read some of our new quickstart guides, or dive deeper into our Documentation. For our current customers, we've brought your organization's usage stats front and center, providing a breakdown by project so you're always up to date. You can also find the latest articles from our blog including our changelogs.

Homepage of the Radar dashboard

Olo Expo Integration

Radar's Olo integration for restaurants is now more extensive than ever. We've launched Expo notifications to keep in-store teams informed with real-time status updates on tracked mobile orders. Radar can now automatically provide Approaching and Arrival status updates to Olo Expo based on Radar trip tracking events. Additionally, if your team utilizes the Picked Up button in Olo Expo, this will automatically complete the Radar trip and capture accurate completion times for trip duration and wait time analytics.

Learn more about Expo notifications in the Olo integration docs.

Olo Expo Integration

Quickstart Guides

Location is hard. Radar's industry leading location infrastructure makes leveraging location in your product experiences that much easier. Try out our quickstart guides to get your product or feature off the ground today:

Bulk Actions for Geofences

We're always thinking about how to make managing geofences easier for our customers, especially at scale. Before introducing bulk actions, you could only edit one geofence at a time in the Radar Dashboard. This limitation became a source of friction when trying to apply changes en masse, such as modifying fields that exist on many geofences. If you wanted to change the store tag to footprint, for example, you'd have to modify the tag on each geofence individually, or trigger an import that would make the changes.

With bulk actions, you're now able to make these changes seamlessly in one cohesive flow on the geofences page:

Bulk Actions for Geofences

On-Trip Remote Tracking Options

Remote tracking options allow customers to tune tracking options via the Settings page in the Radar Dashboard. However, you may want to ramp tracking up in moments that are critical for driving great customer experiences and business outcomes, such as during a trip. With the newly introduced on-trip remote tracking options, you can choose a different tracking configuration for users on trips, while keeping the default tracking configuration active at all other times. To learn more, visit the tracking options docs.

Manage page of Radar dashboard

SDK Updates

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Support CRUD endpoints for multi-destination trips (beta)
  • Change storage of import history logs to better support large import files
  • Tunable rate limits for routing endpoints
  • Expose an /organization/usage endpoint for the new Dashboard Homepage
  • Add a new stacked percentage bar component for the new Dashboard Homepage
  • Tidy up some loose ends related to anonymous tracking mode
  • Add orderFiredReason field to Trips for the Olo order firing integration
  • Add new grouping fields (source, foreground, and stopped) for the Locations Analysis view
  • Add confidence as a group by option for the Events Analysis view
  • Add indices to improve performance of Trips queries
  • Improvements to calculating S2 ranges for Regions and Geofences
  • Add ability to expire geofences state on Users after exceeding a time threshold
  • Send custom events to webhooks
  • Fix row actions tooltip
  • Better y-axis for Trips count chart
  • Clicking a table row executes the primary action for the entity
  • Make monthly the default for all views on the Report page
  • Better copy for the shortcode flow in the Toolkit setup instructions
  • Improve SMS validation for international phone numbers