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Create a geofence

If you haven't done so already, sign up for a free Radar account to get access to the Radar Dashboard and your API keys.

Creating your first geofence is easy with Radar's Dashboard; you can also create geofences through CSV import, the API, nightly sync, or integrations. Your geofences can be created in the Test environment for development and testing, and in the Live environment for production.

Log in to your Radar account, navigate to the Manage > Geofences tab. Select New to create your first geofence. You can start creating your geofence by providing an address, searching for a place, or manually placing it using the map.

After you've chosen the location for your geofence, you're required to provide:

  • tag (string): a group for the geofence (e.g., "store").
  • externalId (string): an external ID for the geofence that maps to your internal database (e.g., "123").
  • description (string): a display name for the geofence (e.g., "Store #123").

Choose circle to create a circle geofence, polygon to create a polygon geofence, or isochrone to create an isochrone (time-based) geofence.

You can also optionally add metadata (strings, numbers, or booleans). Lastly, you can choose how events are generated by this geofence (default behavior is when the device stops within the geofence as opposed to simply passing through it).

Select Create to create the geofence. You can view all of your geofences at Manage > Geofences.

Now it's time to generate an event! Next guide