April 2022 changelog

New charting, filters, and aggregations for events

Analyze your events in Radar with a new querying, filtering, and charting experience. You can now group and filter events by property to better understand changes over time for key actions, like entry events into geofences, regions, places, or beacons.

Events query chart results

To analyze your events, navigate to the events tab and switch the view dropdown from Table to Line Chart. Since you may be triggering a variety of different event types, remember to apply filters for the specific event type you want to review (e.g. user.entered_geofence).

Remote configuration for the Radar SDK

You can now configure SDK tracking modes from the Radar dashboard without having to change your client code during initialization. By using Remote Tracking Options, you can avoid shipping a new app version when adjusting tracking presets, so you no longer have to go through the steps of a code change, QA, release, followed by real-world testing.

Remote Tracking Options can be set up in the SDK tracking options section of your Radar settings. In your SDK settings, you can choose to enable Remote Tracking Options by mobile platform (iOS or Android) and by Radar environment (test or production). Read more about Remote Tracking Options on the Radar blog.

Addresses now supported in Geofence import and upsert API

Addresses are now supported in import flows and the upsert API path. Previously, addresses were only supported on individual geofence creations via the Radar dashboard or imports with addresses would require first forward geocoding to convert to coordinates. Now, an address field can be provided in the Radar dashboard import, along with the upsert API to make geofence creation easier.

Dashboard improvements

Map views are now adjustable so you can view even more of the map or even more of the table, depending on your preference.

  • Zoom in on the map from table row items. On Users, Geofences, and Beacons, click the magnifying glass from any row in a list view to focus it on the map.
  • Row actions are now grouped. Take actions on list items by clicking on the vertical ellipsis .

SDK updates

Radar’s SDKs saw a number of updates, in addition to new support for Remote Tracking Options. A number of fixes were made for Android to improve tracking responsiveness. View the release notes by starting with the latest SDK version for each below:

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