Announcing our new address validation API

At Radar, we're building the all-in-one location platform — not just a Geofencing Platform, but also a full-featured Maps Platform.

Today we're announcing the newest addition to our Maps Platform, our address validation API.

User address input is often riddled with errors like typos, misspellings, or bad formatting. This can lead to missed deliveries, customer support inquiries, and poor customer experiences.

Our address validation API makes it easy to verify, cleanse, and format addresses in the United States and Canada. It also enriches address input with additional metadata, like appending ZIP+4 or indicating whether an address is residential or commercial.

Address validation API

Our address validation API pricing is almost 90% cheaper than popular alternatives. Customers like Zappos and Route are saving millions of dollars per year using Radar Maps Platform.

We found that Radar provides the same accuracy as other products on the market at a fraction of the cost. Radar’s APIs are simple to use and easy to integrate, which saved us time and allowed us to dedicate resources to other projects.

— Nick Lloyd, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Route

Coupled with our address autocomplete API, our address validation API powers frictionless, flawless checkout experiences that boost conversion and dramatically cut costs.

If you're a retail, e-commerce, or food delivery business looking to cut costs or consolidate location vendors, please contact our sales team to learn more!