Location-aware experiences

App experiences that drive engagement and revenue

Confidently develop and deliver dynamic app experiences by showing the most relevant content and features based on a user’s location.

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Increase engagement and conversions by displaying the most relevant content to your users
Radar powers the innovative location-aware experiences that set your app apart including in-store mode, customer loyalty programs, scan-to-pay, and much more.
One location platform
Use Radar across multiple location use cases.
Integrates seamlessly
Easily integrate with the rest of your marketing stack.
Leading accuracy
Confidently deploy Radar, even for complex use cases.
Contextualized app experiences
Customers expect your app to provide timely experiences based on their location. Radar helps you exceed these expectations.
Customize features and content based on location
Radar’s Geofences and Beacons features give you the data you need to build in-location experiences that increase engagement, app adoption, loyalty, and brand perception.
Accuracy for complex use cases
Delivering great location-aware experiences starts with accurately identifying a user’s location. Radar’s technology leads the pack in terms of accuracy, even in high-density areas, so you can confidently deploy new experiences.
Easy to implement, powerful results
Simply create geofences, integrate the SDK, and change the app experience if the user is within a geofence or near a beacon.
Contextual experiences at millions of Places
By using Radar’s Places, you can build location-aware experiences at millions of POIs with nearly 100% coverage of top chains and place categories.
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“We needed to implement an in-store mode and location-based marketing solution that would support our digital strategy to reach customers in-store. Radar has been instrumental in supporting our team with the tools to produce winning marketing strategies through location-aware experiences and to increase revenue through in-app engagement and purchases.

Ryan Davis
Vice President of Marketing
Radar powers location-aware experiences across industries
In-store mode for hybrid shopping
Location-activated scan-to-pay
Contactless check-in at destinations
Customer loyalty programs
Store, venue, or site information
Rewards programs
JOANN uses Radar to power in-store offers, driving customer engagement and achieving a 7x ROI.
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Manage your location data responsibly.

With Radar, JOANN achieved a 7x ROI.