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The Drybar brand powers contextual messaging and search

Radar’s Geofencing and Geo APIs make it easy for the Drybar® brand to engage clients with the right message at the right time, resulting in a nearly 3x increase in appointment bookings.
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The challenge

Since launching in 2012, the Drybar brand has disrupted the haircare industry and defined a new category with its blowout-only, brick-and-mortar business model. The Drybar brand has exceptional brand recognition, in part due to its highly loyal customer base. By understanding the location of their clients, the brand is able to anticipate client needs, deliver personalized experiences, and strengthen client relationships over time.

Amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, driving appointment bookings in areas that were open and safe became critical. With over 70% of bookings already coming directly from the app, the Drybar team saw an opportunity to improve and optimize the client app experience to help secure more appointments and increase revenue.

The solution

With robust Geofencing capabilities, flexible Geo APIs, and a privacy-first approach, Radar met the needs of both the Drybar Marketing and Product teams. Radar’s extensible platform and turnkey integrations with Braze® and mParticle enables the team to quickly roll out additional location-based features.

  • By using Radar’s Distance Matrix API, clients can locate and book appointments at nearby Drybar locations.
  • Radar’s user-friendly platform made it simple for the Drybar shops to geofence all locations. A geofence exit event is triggered in Radar as clients leave their appointment, enabling Drybar shops to prompt for feedback via a survey when the experience is top of mind.
  • Drybar shops can leverage Radar to surface relevant offers based on a user’s current location. For example, offering coupons in regions experiencing bad weather.


  • In addition to providing an extensible solution that enabled the Drybar brand to quickly activate location-based messaging and experiences, Radar has also driven meaningful business impact.
  • Radar’s location-triggered notifications powered by Braze drove a 3x uplift in Drybar appointment bookings compared to non-targeted messaging.
  • Radar empowers the Drybar brand to exceed client expectations by making it accessible and convenient for clients to engage with Drybar shops in real-time and in a personalized way.

Each Drybar® is independently owned and operated. Drybar® is a registered trademark owned by Helen of Troy Limited and used by DB Franchise, LLC under license.

Radar plays a vital role in driving bookings by enabling the brand to help deliver frictionless experiences and engage with clients at the right moment, without the cost or complexity that typically comes along with building location-based features. We take clients’ privacy seriously, and Radar provides the brand with the tools needed to power personalized experiences that make clients’ lives easier in a privacy-friendly way.
Breken Randall, VP of Marketing

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