Introducing a new way to enrich analytics with Segment and Radar

Segment provides comprehensive customer data infrastructure that enables businesses to create tailored experiences for customers through marketing, analytics, and data warehouse tools. With our existing integration, Radar location events are automatically passed to Segment, providing an additional layer of context to customer behavior with location data.

What’s new with Radar and Segment?

We’re excited to announce a new way to use Radar and Segment that will add additional layers of context to customer insights and actionable data. This new functionality allows product teams to use Radar as a destination for organizing and analyzing customer location data without requiring a Radar SDK integration. Product teams that already send location events to Segment can use Radar’s dashboards and analytics to understand customer behaviors at certain locations.

Radar and Segment recipe updated

What can businesses do with location data insights?

Location data can help inform product decisions by providing detailed insights about location-related customer attributes, such as:

Customer location while visiting your mobile site

  • Are customers browsing for products while in-store?
  • Are customers browsing while at a specific location, such as a competitor's store?
  • Are there patterns in customer locations while they are searching for products?

Customer location patterns related to mobile app installation or use

  • Are specific stores driving app downloads or engagement?
  • Are in-store download incentives leading to conversions?

With this new integration, product teams can prioritize feature updates by analyzing and filtering location data. Radar’s dashboard provides tools for product teams to tie engagement patterns to real-world locations, enabling the creation of tailored experiences for customers that drive loyalty and revenue.

Location event visualization within the Radar dashboard:Location event visualization within the Radar dashboard

Filters within the Radar dashboard:Filters within the Radar dashboard

Want to learn more about how to enrich your product decisions with real-world location analytics? Get in touch with our sales team.