Radar named a rising star in API-first SaaS

The API ecosystem is booming. Many of today's multi-billion dollar companies have built their businesses on the backs of developer-friendly APIs and SDKs for payments (Stripe), communications (Twilio), and more.

Accel, one of our investors, is betting big on the API economy. We're proud that they named us a rising star in API-first SaaS in this TechCrunch article.

API Rising Star

Some of the biggest companies today are built on a stack of APIs that help them operate auxiliary parts of their business so they can focus on their core competencies. Checkr, for example, makes it easy for companies like Uber and Zillow to automate the background checking process so they can hire the best talent. This is a necessary function for many companies, and alleviates an otherwise complex process so they can focus on scaling their business.

Just like background checking isn’t the core of Uber’s business, geofencing and location tracking aren’t necessarily core competencies for the majority of apps. Yet, modern product and growth leaders know that location-aware apps deliver the personalized, relevant mobile experiences that consumers today demand. Teams ready to implement this vital building block into their products are faced with a challenge - how can they build location technology into their app efficiently while ensuring their core product doesn’t get neglected in the meantime?

While it’s possible to build geofencing technology using the native iOS and Android capabilities in-house, this comes with its own risks, costs, and limitations. Rather than reinventing the wheel, smart developers should turn to best-in-class APIs and SDKs for location. This allows for faster implementations and a more cost-effective solution. Plus, it gives developers more time to perfect their core capabilities and go to market with a truly differentiated product.

With Radar, we set out to be the most developer-friendly and enterprise-ready location SDK. We’re thrilled to be part of this API evolution alongside other great companies looking to make developers’ lives easier and help product and growth teams everywhere build amazing products. Our CEO, Nick, will be sharing his story on starting an API-first company at the Accel APX Conference today, so stay tuned for some insights.