Offline location tracking and replay

As we've started powering more logistics use cases for companies like Clipboard Health and Milk Moovement, our customers have asked us for more sophisticated offline location tracking and replay capabilities.

We've added a new tracking option, "replay all," that replays location updates collected offline when a device comes back online.

This ensures that fleet tracking apps won't miss location updates when a vehicle drives through a rural area, workforce management apps won't miss location updates when a worker hops on the subway, and so on.

Using offline replay is dead simple. On iOS:

let trackingOptions = .presetContinuous
trackingOptions.replay = .all

Radar.startTracking(trackingOptions: trackingOptions)

On Android:

val trackingOptions = RadarTrackingOptions.CONTINUOUS
trackingOptions.replay = RadarTrackingOptionsReplay.ALL



We needed infrastructure to estimate worker ETAs and no-shows using location. Radar was clearly the best partner, with the best product and docs for our engineering team.

— Jaron Malcom, Group Product Manager, Clipboard Health

Offline replay is available on iOS SDK 3.5.12 and Android SDK 3.5.12 and later.

If you'd like to learn more about offline location tracking and replay, please request a demo!