The observability layer for iOS and Android location services: New debugger and SDK logs

Tired of feeling like you're "flying blind" with iOS and Android location services? Frustrated by inaccurate location updates or missed geofence entries with no way to debug what happened?

Radar has the solution. We're excited to introduce our new debugger with structured SDK logs. Think of it as the missing dashboard or observability layer for iOS and Android location services.

With the new debugger, you can view SDK calls, SDK errors, detailed SDK logs, and app lifecycle events alongside location updates and events. In the event of an inaccurate location update or missed geofence entry, you can seek to a specific time period to pinpoint exactly what happened. No more guesswork when building or testing location features in your app.

SDK logs

You can access the debugger by clicking View Activity on the user detail page. SDK logs are enabled by default for all devices in your test environment, and can be remotely enabled for devices in your live environment by clicking the Mark as Debug button on the user detail page. As always, our privacy controls give you complete control over what data is persisted and for how long.

These features are available now for all devices running iOS SDK 3.7.2 and Android SDK 3.7.1 or later.

If you'd like to learn more about Radar's observability and debugging tools, please request a demo!