We're back with Mobile On Air

A few short months ago, the world changed overnight. When the largest mobile conferences like Mobile World Congress and MAU Vegas were canceled, mobile industry leaders were left scratching their heads and asking questions like, "What will consumer spending look like during COVID?" "How can I revise my roadmap to meet new customer demands?" "Do I have the tooling and partners in place to move quickly?"

In May, Radar hosted Mobile On Air to bring the best of in-person events online and build a community of the brightest minds in mobile. Together with our growth stack partners, over 3,000 people tuned in together for a day of thought leadership, networking, and idea sharing. With so much uncertainty at that time, growth plans were up in the air. The new normal has since emerged, and we're now seeing growth investments in the customer journey in the form of new store formats, QR codes, and curbside experiences.

MOA 1 screenshot

As social distancing measures lifted and people began to re-engage with the physical world, consumers relied on their mobile devices to bridge the gap between digital and real-world experiences. At Radar, our mission is to do just that: connect digital experiences to the physical world. Radar’s location layer can power everything from efficient curbside operations to safe in-store experiences, and drive ongoing loyalty. We realize that Radar is a piece of the broader customer journey, which is why we’re bringing back the best in the business for Mobile On Air round 2 with two days of networking and programming. Our conference theme: the new customer journey.

The world changed drastically with COVID-19 and will continue to do so. New consumer demands accelerated the need for product leaders to transition from legacy tools and black boxes to best-in-breed technologies that all play well together. These enterprise-grade technologies are open and flexible enough to talk to each other in real-time, creating a best-in-class stack for the full customer journey.

Mobile On Air brings together top brands who have shipped new roadmaps and built a modern tech stack to speed up product development and stay ahead of consumer demands. Things are rapidly evolving, and we want to hear from you: product, engineering, and marketing leaders at some of the world’s leading brands.


Join us on October 21-22, share your perspectives, and hear from your peers on how they’re assembling best-in-class extensible technologies to meet ever-changing customer expectations across the entire journey.