Bridging the physical and digital gap in a post-COVID world

Watch Radar's keynote session from Brand Growth Summit, the leading global event for growth marketers and brands, where Radar Co-Founder and COO, Coby Berman, sheds light on how to exceed consumer expectations in a post-COVID world.

During COVID, everything went digital-first. We spent a lot of time on our phones, and our expectations for digital experiences were heightened. We expected our apps to reflect the reality of the physical world around us. When we did go into the physical world, convenience and safety were paramount, and new habits were established. Now, the great reopening is underway, and new consumer expectations and habits are here to stay.

Winning brands will exceed new consumer expectations by seamlessly bridging digital experiences and the physical world.

bridging physical and digital gap Image source: Brand Growth Summit

As consumers move through the physical world again...

  1. Give them a reason to download your app with on-premise app experiences
  2. Engage them with location-triggered and location-targeted messaging
  3. Exceed expectations with arrival detection and seamless pickup and check-in experiences

Watch the full keynote below:

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