Introducing user segments and top chains

With our new user segments feature, you can build custom segments like "frequent travelers" or "frequent Starbucks visitors" directly in Radar.

Marketers have historically had to buy location-based audiences like "soccer moms" or "fitness enthusiasts," derived from black box third-party data, from "location intelligence" companies or DMPs.

But modern growth teams know better. Radar lets you construct custom segments from your own first-party data.

For example, to build a "Starbucks visitors" segment using Places:

segment starbucks

Or, to build a "California residents" segment using Insights and Regions:

segment california

In addition to custom segments, Radar also calculates a user's top chains based on Places events. For example:

top chains

Think of top chains as out-of-the-box segments.

Radar can send a user's segments and top chains to integrations like webhooks, Segment, Amplitude, and Braze to power further segmentation, analytics, and targeting.

  "user": {
    "segments": [
        "description": "California Residents",
        "externalId": "ca-residents"
    "topChains": [
        "name": "Starbucks",
        "slug": "starbucks",
        "externalId": "123"
        "name": "Walmart",
        "slug": "walmart",
        "externalId": "456"

Finally, you can export the users in a segment to CSV, either for internal use or to upload to platforms like Facebook Custom Audiences.

Already an Enterprise customer? Contact your customer success manager to get started with user segments.

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