Activate contextual in-store app experiences to increase engagement

Today’s consumers expect connected experiences that blend physical and digital elements, and 71% of in-store shoppers say their device has become more important to their in-store experience.

In addition to improving the shopping experience, offering a personalized in-store app mode is a low-lift way to increase engagement and drive loyalty adoption. It’s likely you already have features like scan-to-pay and loyalty built out in your app, and geofencing makes it simple to unlock and promote these features to users in your store.

By creating Geofences tied to store IDs or enabling Places for specific chains, you can determine if a user is at one of your stores to personalize the experience. Radar customers can surface features automatically when the app is opened in-store or trigger push notifications to notify customers of available features once they enter a geofence.

HD geofence mock

Leading brands leverage their app as a convenient tool for their customers, intuitively improving the experience in-store:

  • BJ's ungates Express Pay when shoppers open their app in a BJ's club and sends reminders of various in-club features to drive revenue and improve the shopping experience. BJ in store mode
  • American Eagle identifies when users open the app in a particular store location, enabling an in-app self-checkout feature that allows users to scan item barcodes as a contactless checkout option. AEO skip the line
  • JOANN prompts a free shipping coupon on the homepage for users opening their app in-store, encouraging shoppers to make their purchase with JOANN online if they aren't able to find a particular item in-store.

These are just a few examples of how you can add location awareness to your app to improve the shopping experience, drive engagement, and increase conversions.

If you're a technology or business leader investing in frictionless digital experiences tied to physical locations, contact our sales team. We’d love to hear from you.