Deliver real-time messages for travel customers with Radar and Braze

Whether they’re taking to the skies or checking into a hotel, guests want convenient, personalized digital experiences that make their journey seamless and enjoyable. In fact, 90% of consumers express frustration when they receive messages that aren’t directly relevant to them. As travel steadily returns, there is a need — but also an opportunity — for travel and hospitality brands to re-engage with customers and drive stronger loyalty and revenue by embracing innovative solutions that exceed these expectations.


With the right tools and right approach, travel and hospitality brands can provide relevant and valuable customer experiences at every step of a customer’s trip. The Braze and Radar integration empowers teams to send helpful communications and surface impactful app features at the right place and right time. Radar's integration with Braze is as easy as copying and pasting an API key and allows brands to drive digital engagement and loyalty through expanded functionality.

In this guide, What Brilliant Customer Engagement Looks Like For Travelers, we walk through what a delightful customer journey can look like when brands take advantage of the Radar and Braze partnership. Included are examples that airlines, hotels, and rideshare apps can implement to stand out in today’s fast-changing travel landscape and create memorable customer experiences. Check out the full guide here.

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