Case study: Traveloka improves the traveler experience with Radar

For most travel booking companies, the last time they engage with a customer is when they check-out and pay for their trip.

Traveloka is redefining that expectation with Radar, driving a 300% increase in on-trip engagement by delivering location-based customer experiences at the right time.


The challenge

Traveloka is Southeast Asia’s leading digital travel & lifestyle booking platform and seeks to provide its customers with a comprehensive solution for all of their travel & lifestyle needs - including Transport, Accommodations, Lifestyle, and Financial Services.

The Traveloka mobile app, which has seen more than 40 million downloads to date, is the all-in-one travel & lifestyle booking platform. The Traveloka product team is tasked with building, maintaining, and driving adoption of the features required to support this wide offering.

Traveloka needed a location data infrastructure solution to surface features and product recommendations at relevant moments based on a real-time understanding of customer context. The product team evaluated building an internal solution or partnering with a vendor.

The solution

Traveloka chose Radar as the developer-friendly solution after validating:

  • Ease of implementation and lightweight SDKs
  • Tracking presets that achieved the right balance of accuracy and battery efficiency with custom location tracking options for flexibility as needed
  • User-friendly dashboard for management of Geofences, Places, and Regions
  • Integrations with existing tools including Segment, Braze and Amplitude

Traveloka partnered with Radar to geofence places and regions of interest, understand when customers enter and exit these locations, and deliver personalized communications and in-app experiences.


Traveloka identifies when travelers arrive at their destination and encourages them to book transportation through the app or check out recommended activities. Traveloka provides promotions and helpful information as travelers arrive at these locations. traveloka-push

After conducting an assessment, we foresaw that Radar offers a powerful solution that suits our needs.

Radar’s service helps us to improve the open rate of our geofencing notifications and also to better understand the geography of our users.

The Radar team is an excellent partner, collaborating with us to develop impactful experiences based on our requirements and their subject matter expertise.

— Adi Alimin, Vice President, Platform Products, Traveloka

The results

For Traveloka, engaging with users on their journey means a better customer experience and increased revenue from on-trip promotions.

Traveloka has seen upwards of a 300% increase in open rates from location-triggered messaging to date, driving significant revenue.

Radar made it easy for Traveloka to achieve that impressive spike. It took Traveloka just one month to implement Radar and begin launching location-based experiences.

By selecting Radar, Traveloka saved at least 3 months of initial engineering efforts, plus ongoing maintenance dedicated to:

  • Building separate location libraries for both its Android and iOS apps
  • Testing and identifying the appropriate tracking configuration
  • Building the necessary backend systems for processing massive amounts of location data

Radar powers Traveloka's location strategy, empowering them build incredible experiences without the engineering overhead.

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