Apply for the Radar Startup Program

In the early days of Radar, we were capital-constrained and time-constrained. We needed the right stack, at the right price, to reach product-market fit. Programs like the MongoDB Startup Accelerator helped us get there.

We wanted to pay it forward, and that's why we're launching the Radar Startup Program. Startups less than 2 years old, with less than $5M in funding, or with fewer than 20 employees can apply to get 1 year of Radar for free.

Radar's developer-friendly SDKs and APIs make it easy to add geofencing to your app. Paid plans offer additional context types like Places (for place, chain, and category detection) and Regions (for country, state, DMA, and postal code detection), as well as integrations like Segment and Amplitude. With the Radar Startup Program, early-stage startups can get all of these features for free.

Thanks to Radar's easy-to-use SDKs, we are able to seamlessly add Radar to our tech stack. Radar also integrates with our growth stack, allowing us to extend location context to all touchpoints in our user journey.

— Omar Kaywan, Co-Founder, Goose Insurance

Ready to get started? Apply here. We can't wait to see what you'll build.