Announcing Trip Tracking v2, with a new Pickup App and Trip Analytics

Last year we launched Trip Tracking, our end-to-end solution for pickup and delivery tracking. Over the past year, we've helped brands like American Eagle and Fiesta Restaurant Group launch seamless order-ahead, curbside pickup, and BOPIS experiences for their customers.

Today we're unveiling Trip Tracking v2, with a new Pickup App, Trip Analytics, and order firing integrations.

These enhancements make Radar the fastest way for retail, restaurant, and grocery brands to launch and measure the impact of best-in-class location-enabled pickup experiences.

What's more, they're part of our industry-leading geofencing platform, which can support your broader strategy to drive revenue and loyalty with location.

Pickup App

Our new Pickup App makes it easier than ever for store technology, IT, and operations teams to launch seamless pickup experiences with arrival detection.

After your customer places an order, they'll receive a link to the Pickup App. From the app, they can let staff know when they're on their way and when they've arrived, eliminating issues where customers need to call the store on arrival, where staff constantly need to check the parking lot for arrivals, and so on.

The Pickup App is a pre-built web app that requires no software engineering work from your team and can be customized with your brand's color scheme and logo.

To start using the Pickup App, contact your enterprise customer success manager or request a demo from our team.

Trip Analytics

Trip Analytics makes it easier than ever for store technology and operations teams to measure customer wait times across locations and see which locations have bottlenecks.

Trip Analytics surfaces previously unavailable insights. For example:

  1. Store managers can see their store's average wait time
  2. Product managers can measure increases in the number of repeat order-ahead customers
  3. Store operations teams can compare their company's baseline wait times with industry benchmarks

Using Trip Analytics is easy. Stats will begin appearing after your first few trips. Trip Analytics is available for all customers.

Order firing integrations

With location-based order firing, you can minimize wait times by automatically starting to prepare an order for pickup when a customer is approaching (e.g., 5 minutes away).

We're launching new order firing integrations that integrate seamlessly with your existing order management system. To get early access, contact your enterprise customer success manager or reach out to our sales team.

Ready to level up your curbside strategy or curious how existing customers are improving their own operations with Radar? Request a demo from our team! We'd love to hear from you.

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