Radar and Olo launch strategic partnership to reduce wait time for order-ahead and pickup for leading QSRs

We’re thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Olo. By combining strengths to create a turnkey integration for order firing, Radar and Olo equip restaurant teams with industry-leading tools to drive remarkable experiences, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Olo + Radar Partnership (resized)

What is Olo?

Olo is an on-demand digital commerce platform that connects restaurants to consumer orders from every channel. The Olo platform is trusted by leading restaurants to power the new era of digital hospitality through digital ordering, delivery, and pickup programs that help restaurants preserve direct consumer relationships.

What does this strategic partnership mean for restaurants?

As demand for digital ordering options continues to increase, businesses must seek out new ways to streamline processes internally and invest in new and improved experiences for customers – or risk losing them to the competition. Radar’s Geofencing and Trip Tracking solutions automatically send orders placed through Olo to a restaurant’s kitchen when customers are close to arrival to ensure order freshness and minimize customer wait times.

“With digital ordering as prominent as ever, we are constantly looking for opportunities to further improve the off-premise experience – to make it faster, more efficient and more convenient.”

– Noah Glass, Founder and CEO, Olo

With real-time location data, restaurant brands are able to better deliver consistently fresh food. There are other benefits, as well. Customer satisfaction soars when pickup and curbside orders are ready as soon as they arrive. QSRs can also optimize kitchen efficiency by providing clearer insights into order firing times which can cut down on food waste from orders that need to be re-made.

With the Olo and Radar integration, a customer submits an order for pickup through Olo.

When the customer is approaching the restaurant, the order is sent to the kitchen and prepared at just the right moment based on the customer’s arrival time.

When the customer arrives, restaurant staff are notified – creating a fast and seamless customer pickup experience.

Leading restaurant brands are taking advantage of location technology to power order-related operational efficiencies and reduce customer wait times. CKE Restaurants is one such brand. Here’s what they had to say about the integration:

“When CKE Restaurants, parent company of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants, embarked on our digital transformation through the launch of our first ever mobile app and responsive web ordering systems, creating a frictionless and enhanced digital customer experience was a top priority. We elected to partner with both Olo and Radar, to double down on the customer experience pillar by leveraging their integrated, best-in-class technology.”

– Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer, CKE Restaurants

We’re excited about this partnership and can’t wait to share the possibilities for order firing with new and existing customers of both Olo and Radar.

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