Announcing our OneSignal integration

We're excited to announce OneSignal as our newest integration partner. With our new server-to-server integration, OneSignal customers can forward Radar Geofences, Places, and Regions user state to OneSignal, powering location-based push notifications and segmentation.


What is OneSignal?

OneSignal is the global market-leading push notification platform, enabling more than 1M developers and 500K apps and websites to deliver more than 7B daily messages. OneSignal brings a powerful messaging and advanced analytics suite to easily segment, schedule, and quantify which messages are driving results. OneSignal's reliability, speed, and versatility make it the most popular push notification software in the world.

Partnering with Radar is an exciting addition to the OneSignal offering, enabling crucial advanced location targeting for messages involving food, entertainment, and other services.

— Josh Wetzel, CRO, OneSignal

What does the integration enable?

When you enable the integration, Radar sends Geofences, Places, and Regions state to OneSignal as user tags.

By building segments and triggering messages based on segment changes, you can:

  • Trigger messages when a user enters or exits a geofence (e.g., "Welcome! Your curbside pickup is ready. Please park in the designated area and open the app to display your order number.")
  • Personalize messages based on a user's region (e.g., by country, state, or DMA)
  • Personalize messages based on a user's real-world behavior (e.g., frequent travelers, Walmart visitors)
  • And much more

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 1.55.01 PM

Joint OneSignal and Radar customers can start using this integration today. See the OneSignal integration documentation to get started.