Announcing our Mixpanel integration

Mixpanel is a behavioral analytics platform that helps product and marketing teams understand and engage with their users.

With our new server-to-server event integration, Mixpanel customers can forward Radar Geofences, Insights, and Places events and user state to Mixpanel, enriching their analytics data with location context.

For example, the product team for a restaurant app might segment Radar Place Entered by chain ID to understand which restaurants their users visit most frequently:

The marketing team for a shopping app might set up geofences for stores, then build a funnel from App Install to Radar Geofence Entered to attribute app installs to an in-store promotion:

Or, the growth team for a sports app might set up geofences for stadiums, then send a message to users currently at a specific stadium:

Joint Mixpanel and Radar enterprise customers can start using this integration today. See the Mixpanel integration documentation.

Not an enterprise customer yet? Contact our sales team. We'd love to hear more about what you're building.