Announcing our Lytics integration

Lytics is a customer data platform built for marketers to bridge the gap between data and decisions.

With our new server-to-server integration, Lytics customers can forward Radar Geofences, Places, Insights and Regions events and user state to Lytics, powering location-based user profiles and segmentation.


For example, a media app may use Regions to determine a user's current DMA, stream that user state to Lytics, then use Lytics to target market-specific content to that user.

Or, a restaurant app may use Places to determine when users visit specific QSR chains, stream those events to Lytics, then use Lytics to segment users based on the chains they visit most frequently.


Joint Lytics and Radar enterprise customers can start using this integration today. See the Lytics integration documentation and contact your Lytics account manager to get started.

Not an enterprise customer yet? Contact our sales team. We'd love to hear more about what you're building.