Announcing our Leanplum integration

Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform built for engagement, combining multi-channel messaging and in-app solutions in a single platform.

With our new server-to-server event integration, Leanplum customers can forward Radar Geofences, Insights, and Places events and user state to Leanplum. In Leanplum, customers can trigger location-based campaigns or create location-based user segments using Radar data.

For example, to trigger a push notification when a user visits a Target, enable Places in Radar and add Target to chain filters.

Then, copy your app ID and client keys from Leanplum and paste them into Radar to enable the integration.

Finally, create a campaign in Leanplum triggered by the Radar Place Entered event. You can customize trigger options and message content.

That's it! You can create campaigns triggered by other event types as well, including Radar Geofence Entered, Radar Home Entered, and Radar Traveling Started.

Joint Leanplum and Radar enterprise customers can start using this integration today. See the Leanplum integration documentation.

Not an enterprise customer yet? Contact our sales team. We'd love to hear more about what you're building.