Radar launches integration with Amazon Pinpoint and joins the AWS Partner Network

We are excited to announce Radar has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), a global community of certified AWS Partners that leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers. Along with joining the APN, we launched a new integration with Amazon Pinpoint that is now available for use by all Radar and Amazon Pinpoint customers starting today.

The new integration makes it possible for businesses to drive engagement and loyalty by sending contextual messages to customers with Amazon Pinpoint based on real time location events generated by Radar. Businesses can improve operations and enhance customer experiences in a variety of ways including sending relevant messages when customers enter or exit stores, prompting customers with instructions when arriving to pick-up orders, and presenting customers with specialized onsite app experiences.

AWS Pinpoint + Radar

Christopher Sampson, Head of Global Digital User Engagement at AWS, spoke recently about the collaboration:

“We are excited for the collaboration between Amazon Pinpoint and Radar. Through Radar’s location intelligence and geofencing solutions and Amazon Pinpoint’s robust, scalable outbound and inbound multichannel communications service that organizations use to communicate and locate customers across email, text, and mobile push channels at a global scale. We are also happy to welcome Radar to the AWS Partner Network where they will join our Independent Software Vendors (ISV) partner community.”

What is Amazon Pinpoint?

Amazon Pinpoint, part of AWS, is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications tool that enables businesses to connect with customers over multiple channels such as email, SMS, push, and voice. Among its many features, Amazon Pinpoint allows businesses to segment its customers and target campaigns to specific audiences, personalizing messages with relevant content and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and messaging activities. Amazon Pinpoint is available to customers globally and scales to support billions of messages per day.

What does the integration with Radar enable?

Our integration with Amazon Pinpoint furthers Radar's mission to empower businesses with location intelligence to build more engaging digital experiences, increase customer loyalty, and drive incremental revenue. The integration allows businesses to layer location context from Radar on top of notifications sent with Amazon Pinpoint. Powered by Radar’s best-in-class geofencing capabilities and services, businesses can now build location-intelligent audience segments and events to deliver personalized and time-specific content to boost engagement and conversions.

pinpoint and radar

For example, businesses leveraging the Radar and Amazon Pinpoint integration can send contextual push notifications when particular customers enter or exit stores, restaurants, and other designated geofenced places. Tailored messages delivered by Radar and Amazon Pinpoint at critical moments in the customer journey increase conversion and improve customer satisfaction.

Pinpoint Integration

Outside of a marketing context, businesses can use this integration for a variety of operational use cases. For instance, this can include sending alerts to employees when a customer is on the way to pick up an order to facilitate timing and get the precise location of the handoff just right. Likewise, customers can be prompted with instructions or information at the exact moment when arriving onsite to claim an order for pickup, saving time and mitigating customer congestion and confusion.

How do I get started?

This integration is available to all Enterprise Radar customers today. Please speak with your Radar customer service team or contact our sales team to learn more.