How retailers and restaurants are powering seamless experiences with Radar and Amplitude

We created an overview video with one of our Technology Partners, Amplitude, to showcase some of the impactful ways that retail and restaurant brands can drive customer retention and revenue by improving the customer experience. Radar and Amplitude provide Product, Marketing, and Operations teams with powerful insights to drive effective campaigns that reduce wait time and improve customers’ experiences. Watch the video below.

By combining Radar’s geofencing and location platform and Amplitude’s digital optimization and analytics platform, business leaders can harness insights about customer behavior and experiences with their brand in order to make informed decisions around how to improve these experiences.

The Rakuten Ready 2020 Time Study highlighted a link between customer experience and loyalty – discovering that customers who wait less than 2 minutes for an order pickup are 4x more likely to return. In the current competitive landscape, restaurant and retail brands can leverage new technology and customers’ willingness to participate in programs that can improve their experiences to increase loyalty and revenue.

Here are some of the ways Radar and Amplitude can help brands build better customer experiences to drive customer loyalty and retention:

  • Reduce order pickup wait time with data around average wait times and delays
  • Identify customers who have experienced longer wait times and kick off proactive marketing campaigns to win customers back
  • Create unforgettable in-store experiences
  • Build insights into foot traffic to power competitive campaigns

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