What is the best Transistorsoft React Native Background Geolocation alternative?

Learn why growing companies choose Radar over Transistorsoft

Radar is the leading geofencing platform, with a focus on privacy, scalability, accuracy, developer experience, and support. We help enterprises like T-Mobile, American Eagle Outfitters, Zappos, and Cars.com increase engagement and improve operations, powering impactful location-based experiences for over 100 million end users.

Unlike react-native-background-geolocation by Transistorsoft, Radar is a full-stack solution, with powerful dashboards for configuration, visualization, analytics, and debugging. Radar also provides enterprise-grade implementation consulting and support. Radar is the leader in developer experience, with open-source SDKs and flexible tracking options. We offer dozens of battle-tested integrations with tools like Airship, Braze, mParticle, Segment, Branch, Amplitude, Salesforce, and Olo. Radar is also enterprise-ready, with SOC 2 type II certification, GDPR and CCPA compliance, custom data retention, advanced access controls, and more.

See a detailed feature-by-feature comparison below. Still have questions? Contact us!

Feature Radar Transistorsoft
Custom geofences Yes Yes
Polygon geofences Yes No
Geofence limit Unlimited Unlimited
Stop detection Yes Yes
Home, work, and traveling detection Yes No
Place, category, and chain detection Yes No
Fraud detection Yes No
Search Yes No
Geocoding Yes No
Routing Yes No
iOS SDK Yes Yes
Android SDK Yes Yes
Open-source SDK Yes Yes
React Native SDK Yes Yes
API Yes No
Dashboard Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes No
mParticle integration Yes No
Segment integration Yes No
Yext integration Yes No
Braze integration Yes No
Airship integration Yes No
Mixpanel integration Yes No

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What our customers are saying

Integrating the Radar SDK was quick and easy and has proven to be a robust and reliable location tracking solution for our iOS and Android apps.

Scott Lemke, Distinguished Engineer, Ibotta

The onboarding support provided by Radar was best-in-class.

Patrick O’Brien, Product Manager, Cars.com