Radar vs. Flybuy feature comparison

Radar is the leading geofencing and platform. We’ve set the standard for location accuracy, privacy, enterprise-readiness, and developer experience. Thousands of companies, including Panera, DICK’S Sporting Goods, T-Mobile, and Zillow, trust Radar’s geofencing SDKs and maps APIs to power location-based experiences across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

Geofence accuracyDown to 5 metersDown to 5 meters
Circle geofencesYesYes
Complex, overlapping polygon geofencesYesYes
Differentiate between drive-thru, curbside, and walk-insYesYes
Pickup arrival detectionYesYes
Developer-friendly documentationYesNo
Flexible tracking optionsYesNo
Out-of-the-box place visit detectionYesNo
Out-of-the-box country and state detectionYesNo
Fraud detectionYesNo
Geocoding APIsYesNo
Search APIsYesNo
Routing APIsYesNo
Open-source SDKsYesNo
Self-serve signup and testingYesNo
Advanced access controls, audit logs, and SSOYesNo
SOC 2 type IIYesNo

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Radar capabilities

With hyper-accurate location tracking and geofencing SDKs,
cost-effective geocoding and maps APIs, and powerful dashboards,
Radar is the only truly all-in-one, enterprise-ready location platform.

Industry-leading accuracy with unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, and more
Trip tracking, live ETAs, arrival detection, and routing for pickups and deliveries
Points-of-interest (POI) dataset with chains and categories to detect visits to millions of places
Maps Platform
The cost-effective Google Maps alternative, with geocoding, search, routing, and maps
API requests per year
installed devices
API uptime

What our customers are saying

Radar is the preferred location platform for forward-thinking
product, digital, and engineering teams.

Radar’s easily adoptable platform allowed us to get up and running quickly. We’re thrilled to work with a trusted partner that shares the same guest-first values that are core to our philosophy.
George Hanson
Chief Digital Officer
We elected to partner with both Olo and Radar, to double down on the customer experience pillar by leveraging their integrated, best-in-class technology.
Phil Crawford
Chief Technology Officer
We’re really happy we chose Radar as our geofencing provider at Sleeper. The integration with the rest of our tech stack was a breeze, well-documented and easy to follow.
Ken Wang
From creating meaningful location experiences for our guests and our restaurants to saving almost 60% in cost, Radar’s new Maps Platform will be a game changer for the industry.
Sergio Pérez
Senior Director of Omnichannel
Choosing Radar was easy. When you look at the geofencing industry, they are the clear leader in the space.
Matt Walker
Group Product Manager
Integrating the Radar SDK was quick and easy and has proven to be a robust and reliable location tracking solution for our iOS and Android apps.
Scott Lemke
Distinguished Engineer

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