What is the best Google Maps Address Validation API alternative?

Radar is the cost-effective, all-in-one alternative to the Google Maps Address Validation API. Like Google, Radar provides address validation and a broader Maps Platform with geocoding APIs, search APIs, routing APIs, and base maps. However, Radar is up to 90% less expensive.

Radar also provides an industry-leading Geofencing Platform, which supports location tracking, geofencing, place visit detection, trip tracking, and analytics.

Radar is full-stack location infrastructure that powers location-based experiences for enterprises and startups across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

What our customers are saying

Customers like Zappos and Route are saving millions of dollars per year with Radar Maps Platform.

We found that Radar provides the same accuracy as other products on the market at a fraction of the cost. Radar's APIs are simple to use and easy to integrate, which saved us time and allowed us to dedicate resources to other projects.

— Nick Lloyd, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Route