What is the best GeoComply alternative?

Radar is the cost-effective, developer-friendly alternative to GeoComply. Like GeoComply, Radar provides geolocation compliance and fraud detection capabilities. However, Radar is up to 90% less expensive, and technical teams prefer our open-source SDKs and developer-friendly documentation.

Radar's fraud detection capabilities are part of our industry-leading Geofencing Platform, which also supports location tracking, geofencing, place visit detection, trip tracking, and analytics.

Together with our Maps Platform, Radar provides full-stack location infrastructure for any product or service. We power location-based experiences for enterprises and startups across hundreds of billions of transactions per year and hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

What our customers are saying

We're really happy we chose Radar as our geofencing provider at Sleeper. The integration with the rest of our tech stack was a breeze, well-documented and easy to follow.

— Ken Wang, Co-Founder, Sleeper