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Radar can sync locations from Yext as geofences in Radar.


On the Radar Integrations page under Yext, set Enabled to Yes and optionally configure any additional settings.

Default Settings#

Radar will use the following default mappings when syncing Yext locations to Radar geofences:

Yext Location FieldRadar Geofence FieldType

Radar will use the following default values when syncing Yext locations to Radar geofences:

Radar Geofence FieldDefault ValueType
typecirclestring (circle or isochrone)
radius100 (for circle)
15 (for isochrone)
number (meters for circle, minutes for isochrone)

Additional Settings#

You can choose to override certain defaults with additional configuration settings for the geofences synced from Yext.

The available overrides include:

  • Default geofence type
  • Default geofence radius
  • An override for the mapping of the description field to a different Yext field than locationName (e.g. address)
  • An override for the default tag value that will be mapped to a Yext field (e.g. schemaTypes.0)

Additionally, you can map up to 16 Yext fields to Radar geofence metadata. Use dot notation to access nested Yext fields. For example, if you have a Yext location with the following property: "schemaTypes": ["Restaurant"], you can store the value "Restaurant" by adding schemaTypes.0 as a Yext Key. If you include a Yext field in the metadata mapping and that field is not found, or the value in Yext is undefined or null, the value will not be copied over to the geofence.

Syncing Data#

Once configured, click Connect & Sync and you will be redirected to Yext, where you can authorize Radar. Then, you will be redirected back to the Radar Integrations page with an indication of whether the authorization succeeded or failed. If the authorization succeeded, your Yext locations will immediately begin syncing to Radar geofences.

Radar will automatically keep geofences in sync when you create or update locations in Yext. Radar will sync geofences both to the Test and Live environments. If you update the geometry of a geofence in Radar that has been synced with Yext, your changes will not be overwritten in Radar with subsequent updates from Yext.

Update any of the defaults after the initial sync by changing the integration settings and clicking Update & Sync. Once clicked, a full sync of every Yext location will occur. A change in these default overrides will only be reflected for newly created locations in Yext. Previously synced locations turned geofences will not be updated to the new defaults.