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You can use webhooks to send events and user state from Radar to your server, a Google or Firebase Cloud Function, an AWS Lambda Function, or any HTTP endpoint. From there, you can store events and user state in a database, send them to a marketing automation or analytics platform, and more.


Create a webhook on the Radar Integrations page under Webhooks. For Environment, choose Test to receive callbacks for events in the Test environment, or choose Live to receive callbacks for events in the Live environment. For Event Delivery, choose Single Event to receive a single event in each request, or choose Multiple Events to receive multiple events in each request when events occur simultaneously. Finally, enter a URL.

Whenever events are generated, Radar will send a POST request containing event and user data to the specified URL. You can also click the Test button to send test event and user data. If you chose Single Event, the request body will contain an event dictionary and a user dictionary. If you chose Multiple Events, the request body will contain an events array and a user dictionary. For multiple events, if there are over 5 events, the events will be chunked out in groups of 5 into separate POST requests.

To acknowledge receipt of the request, your webhook should return a 2xx status code (e.g., 200 OK, 201 Created, or 202 Accepted).

Each webhook has a random security token. The authenticity of a request made to a webhook URL can be verified using the X-Radar-Signature header. The header will contain an HMAC-SHA1 hash of the X-Radar-Signing-Id header using the security token as the key.

Note that you can also receive events client-side via the SDK.

Sample request body#
{  "events": [    {      "_id": "56db1f4613012711002229f6",      "type": "user.entered_geofence",      "createdAt": "2018-06-12T13:44:10.535Z",      "live": true,      "user": {        "userId": "1",        "deviceId": "C305F2DB-56DC-404F-B6C1-BC52F0B680D8",        "metadata": {          "customId": "abc",          "customFlag": false        },        "locationAuthorization": "GRANTED_FOREGROUND",        "locationAccuracyAuthorization": "FULL"      },      "geofence": {        "tag": "store",        "externalId": "123",        "description": "Store #123",        "metadata": {          "parking": false        }      },      "location": {        "type": "Point",        "coordinates": [          -73.977797,          40.783826        ]      },      "locationAccuracy": 5,      "confidence": 3,      "foreground": true,      "actualCreatedAt": "2018-06-12T13:44:10.535Z"    },    {      "_id": "56db1f4613012711002229f7",      "type": "user.entered_place",      "createdAt": "2018-06-12T13:44:10.535Z",      "live": true,      "user": {        "_id": "56db1f4613012711002229f4",        "userId": "1",        "deviceId": "C305F2DB-56DC-404F-B6C1-BC52F0B680D8",        "metadata": {          "customId": "abc",          "customFlag": false        },        "locationAuthorization": "GRANTED_FOREGROUND",        "locationAccuracyAuthorization": "FULL"      },      "place": {        "name": "Starbucks",        "chain": {          "name": "Starbucks",          "slug": "starbucks",          "externalId": "123",          "metadata": {            "customFlag": true          }        },        "categories": [          "food-beverage",          "coffee-shop"        ],        "location": {          "type": "Point",          "coordinates": [            -73.977797,            40.783826          ]        }      },      "location": {        "type": "Point",        "coordinates": [          -73.977797,          40.783826        ]      },      "locationAccuracy": 5,      "confidence": 2,      "foreground": true,      "actualCreatedAt": "2018-06-12T13:44:10.535Z"    }  ],  "user": {    "_id": "56db1f4613012711002229f4",    "live": true,    "userId": "1",    "deviceId": "C305F2DB-56DC-404F-B6C1-BC52F0B680D8",    "metadata": {      "customId": "abc",      "customFlag": false    },    "updatedAt": "2018-06-12T13:44:10.535Z",    "createdAt": "2018-06-10T11:23:58.741Z",    "location": {      "type": "Point",      "coordinates": [        -73.977797,        40.783826      ]    },    "locationAccuracy": 5,    "locationAuthorization": "GRANTED_FOREGROUND",    "locationAccuracyAuthorization": "FULL",    "stopped": true,    "foreground": false,    "deviceType": "iOS",    "ip": "",    "geofences": [      {        "tag": "store",        "externalId": "123",        "description": "Store #123",        "metadata": {          "parking": false        }      }    ],    "place": {      "name": "Starbucks",      "chain": {        "name": "Starbucks",        "slug": "starbucks"      },      "categories": [        "food-beverage",        "coffee-shop"      ],      "location": {        "type": "Point",        "coordinates": [          -73.977797,          40.783826        ]      }    },    "country": {      "code": "US",      "name": "United States",      "flag": "🇺🇸"    },    "state": {      "code": "MD",      "name": "Maryland",      "passed": false,      "allowed": true,      "distanceToBorder": 1092.3,      "inBufferZone": false,      "inExclusionZone": false    },    "dma": {      "code": "26",      "name": "Baltimore"    },    "postalCode": {      "code": "21014",      "name": "21014"    },    "segments": [      {        "description": "Starbucks Visitors",        "externalId": "starbucks-visitors"      }    ],    "topChains": [      {        "name": "Starbucks",        "slug": "starbucks",        "externalId": "123"      },      {        "name": "Walmart",        "slug": "walmart",        "externalId": "456"      }    ],    "fraud": {      "verified": true,      "passed": false,      "bypassed": false,      "blocked": false,      "mocked": true,      "jumped": false,      "compromised": false,      "inaccurate": false,      "proxy": false,      "sharing": false      "lastMockedAt": "2023-07-27T17:18:28.536Z",      "lastJumpedAt": "2023-07-27T17:18:28.536Z",      "lastCompromisedAt": null,      "lastInaccurateAt": null,      "lastProxyAt": null,      "lastSharingAt": null    }  }}